Tile of the year – Heath by the Winchester Tile Company

We are pleased to announce our tile of the year, Heath from The Winchester Tile Company! We’re so excited to hero a tile from one of our most cherished collections and this gorgeous silky grey/purple field tile truly deserves the limelight. Just take a look for yourself…

Heath is a shade drawn from nature with deep, warm, earthy tones that elicit a real sense of indulgence. This hue paired with the artisanal vibe of the Winchester Tile Company’s Residence collection is brilliantly versatile with a spirit of Avant-garde.

For this look we’ve teamed the Heath field tile with a gorgeous glitter grout and luxurious accessories for a glamorous twist. Heath creates a wonderfully warm canvas to build upon; here we’ve styled it with a gold mirror, feature lighting and striking black marble floor tiles.

If this style is a little contemporary for you, above are some styling ideas  and other shades that we think really compliment the shade.

The wonderful thing about Heath is its versatility; there are so many nuances to this colour. Whether you want to create a striking look like we have, or team it with some crisp whites or greys for a more relaxed vibe, Heath can transform your home in different ways.