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Let it glow… tips for using metallic tiles

Gold, copper and silver have long been the epitome of luxury. Conjuring images of opulent and glittering precious jewels, these tones certainly grab attention.

Used sparingly, metallic accents serve as a highlight for a particular area or feature, with their shimmering nature automatically drawing the eye. You could create a feature wall or panel with our Roman Gold tiles to create a sense of luxury. If you’re feeling bold, go all out! Used in swathes, wall-to-wall metallic tiles will create a dramatic effect with the added benefit of bouncing light around the space.

Gold in particular, is a versatile shade to use in interiors and has experienced something of a renaissance lately. Gold tiles and other homewares create a sense of warmth and there are so many different shades of gold available that there really is something for any environment. From glowing yellow golds to warm ambers and rustic antiqued hues, gold tiles can be matched to any style of interior. Be brave - experiment with this look and try something new.

Silver and pewter tones, such as those found in Gallium, work particularly well in contemporary settings as they evoke a sense of coolness that suits a more modern environment. Shimmering silver tiles work equally well as an accent or feature area, but for a chic twist, why not try combining tiles of different sizes? Team with a dark grey grout to create a dramatic finish.

Almandine features warm coppery tones that are reminiscent of burnished metals. Rose Gold is a contemporary, rich pink hue which changes under the light.

Which metallic shade will you choose?

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