Blush pink tiles and how to use them in your home

Pinks are back, and they are more stylish than ever! You’d be forgiven for conjuring images of candy hues at mention of the colour ‘pink’ when in fact it’s the subtle blush shades that are really en vogue. Think soft, washed out tones rather than strong ones that jar and you’re on the right track.

But why has this trend come into fashion now? We think that it could be down to a penchant for subtle colours that aren’t cream or white. These pale shades make it possible to use colour without overwhelming the environment. Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground is a great example of this – it’s subtle enough to masquerade as a neutral, whilst maintaining a sense of warmth when it catches the light.

This is one of the reasons that it’s also a very effective colour in tile form. Our handmade tiles are known for having an undulating surface which is accentuated with glossy glazes that we mix and apply using traditional methods. This results in a lustrous surface, allowing the environment that they are in to play their part in the look of the tile. Blush pink against bright white will have a fresh and airy appeal, for example.

Another reason that blush pinks are so popular is that they look great with grey which shows no signs of waning in popularity anytime soon. Try using glossy, pale pink tiles as a splashback in a kitchen with grey cabinets for a chic and minimal look. The grey grounds the style and adds a touch of masculinity to prevent the look becoming overtly girly.